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Treating pupils like individuals delivers the best outcomes

 It’s a fact of life that each one of us is unique. Though we may have many similarities and all belong to the same family of man, we all have our own lives to lead and destinies to fulfil. Even from an early age, our thoughts and feelings, life experiences, and family background combine to create a one-off individual with a unique combination of qualities to offer the world, as well as quite distinct needs and requirements.

It follows then that the best teaching recognizes this fact and treats pupils as individuals in order to deliver the best possible outcome for that pupil. Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done. In a traditional class of 40 pupils, it can be impossible to give the one-on-one tutoring and coaching that is often required. In such a case, teachers can’t really teach; they become lecturers, delivering facts to be absorbed almost by rote. Even the best teachers in such circumstances can merely broadcast to the whole and hope for the best.

At High Q, we take a different approach. One of our basic ground rules is to always have small classes where an intimate, personal connection between the teacher and each individual pupil can be established and developed. Learning starts with a series of personal conversations in which teacher and pupil get to know each other. Finding out what a pupil wants, what motivates them, where their hopes and abilities lie, and so on is vital in order to deliver the best learning experience for them and so unlock their full potential.

Teaching technology also has a part to play. Learning programs that adapt to the student, not the other way around, can help facilitate self-motivated study that is always moving at the correct pace – not too fast and not too slow. The teachers also monitor pupils’ progress and give individual help and guidance when needed.

Key teaching values


  • Treat pupils as individuals.
  • Establish a personal connection.
  • Understand their interests, abilities, aspirations, and learning style.
  • Create a bespoke learning program tailored to their needs.

With these values uppermost in their minds, the teachers at High Q strive to give students the opportunity to be the best that they can be and achieve their personal goals.

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