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Indian Makeup Tutorial

Indian women are blessed with the most beautiful features. Their almond-shaped eyes are the main attraction and should be brought out more precisely with the help of makeup. Indian women like in skin tones from olive to dark complexions and by choosing the right makeup color for the particular skin tone you can help create an entirely flawless look. Makeup should be used to enhance the natural beauty of a woman, but should not be overpowering. The below steps would help you to achieve the flawless looks that fit an Indian goddess.

How to Apply Indian Makeup

The Base

Most of the Indian people have a yellowish skin shade, so you should be very particular while choosing the right shade of foundation. Do not go in for a pinkish tone that would only mess up your looks. There are so many brands of foundations that come in yellow shades, so you can pick one among them and start by applying the foundation with a makeup sponge, a brush for dusting the loose powder or you can only use your fingers tips in case you have a liquid or cream foundation to be applied.

Liquid foundation is suitable for dry skin, and semi-liquid foundations work best for combination skins. Ensure to blend the foundation well into your skin, especially around the hairline and neck. If you have skin imperfections like blemishes or dark eye circles, then you need to cover the first through a few dots of concealer. Spread it evenly on the skin to avoid any patches. Ones with dark skin can go for beige concealer shades, and natural tones suit the fairer ones.

Eyes Makeup Reviews

In Indian makeup, kajal or Kohl pencil is quite fundamental. Indian women employ Kajal as a type of eyeliner and apply it around the boundary of the eyes or to their lower eyelids. To complete the Indian eye makeup, use a good eyeshadow is required. You can choose anyone from the earth or the smokey collection. Lastly, do not ignore putting on mascara to lift up your eyes.

Lipstick For the lip makeup, start with outlining the lips with a good lip liner and then continue with an attractive shade of lipstick. Make sure that your lip liner blends and matches well with your lipstick and lastly finish off with a smacking lip gloss.

Quick Tips for an Easy Indian Makeup

• Always wash your face thoroughly before the application of makeup.
• Once your skin is cleaned well, apply a lightweight moisturizer that suits your skin type.
• Use primer on the clean surface of the skin. Primer shields the skin and helps for a smoother and even application of foundation.
• Go for a concealer with olive or yellow undertone and apply the same to the eye area and use it for any other skin imperfections or redness.
• Use a wedge sponge for applying your foundation in case you are using a liquid foundation. Make use of a brush if you are using a mineral powder which will make the application even.
• Bronzer can be brushed with firm strokes.
• Select eyeshadows with earthy or golden tones to cheer up the eyes.
• Probably line the eyes using black liquid eyeliner as this would bring up the eyes.
• Apply mascara from the outer portion of the eyelashes first and work inwards to the base of the lash. For achieving the full look, apply several quick and even strokes on each lash. False eyelashes can create a dramatic look.
• A small amount of lip gloss in pink and neutral shades is a perfect choice.
• For creating an illusion of fuller lips, it is a best practice to use a lip brush to apply lipstick.
• With the right kind of shades and colors, you would be able to apply the Indian makeup swiftly.

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