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3 Beauty Tips for People With Long Hair Which Will Impress You!

3 Beauty Tips for People with Long Hair Which Will Impress You!

As a girl who never had a haircut and grows her hair the entire life, I can say that it’s difficult to impress me with hair tips.

However, sometimes it happens!

Today I want to introduce you to 3 incredible but straightforward tips which will make your life easier, and your hair healthier!

Let’s Begin:

Tip 1. Always Apply Your Conditioner BEFORE Shampoo!

What? Are You Serious? – Yes, I am!

It will help:

  • Your hair stays fresh and clean for much longer!
  • Your hair to have more volume
  • Protect your hair from chlorides from water and shampoo

First, I want to say that this tip will not work for short hair, but it works incredibly for long hair!

How does it work?


Conditioners were initially invented to give our hair-length care which they are no longer able to receive from the scalp.

Hair roots have enough skin oil, and they don’t need extra care from a conditioner.

Same way works for shampoo.

Shampoo’s “job” is to clean your scalp from dirt and extra skin oil, and foam which flows down is enough for hair length.

Overall, there is no need for massaging shampoo directly into them.

This way, you will only damage your hair!

Do not do it anymore!

When you use shampoo after conditioner, it helps you to remove some extra conditioner leftovers from your hair roots and protects your hair length from aggressive factors during the hair washing process!

Just try it on your own! You will not be disappointed!

Tip 2. Never Use Any Oil Before Drying or Styling Your Hair!

Never do it!

You are massaging oil into your hair, and with pride, in yourself, you think that you did an excellent job for your hair and then you use the hair dryer or/and hot hair styling tools?

Do not do it like this anymore!

Do you know what happens with oil when you heat it?

Does it start: boil, burn, turning into trans fats, formaldehyde, etc. – Right?

Exactly, and this is happening with the oil you applied on your hair!

Use oils only after your hot styling, when your hair is already cooled down, or when you are not planning any at all!

Tip 3. Use a Hair Rinse!

Do you know how hard sink water is nowadays?

Do you want all these yucky chemicals to stay on your hair?

No, No, and No, again!

Want to know a good hair rinse that won’t hurt your beautiful long-hair?

Check this one out!

You can buy one or make home a made one.

If you don’t know how just mix about 1TBS of apple cider vinegar with about 1 Liter of regular sink water and rinse your hair with it!

Using a hair rinse in your usual hair routine will help you achieve healthy, shiny, and soft hair!

Concluding Thoughts

Interested in learning more healthy living tips, and especially tips on how to keep your hair looking better, you should check out!

If you have long and beautiful hair, most likely you want to keep it looking nice for as long as possible.

I hope these simple tips will help you to have healthier, and better-looking hair!

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